SAN DIEGO — Residents in the Casa de Oro neighborhood can soon expect to see roundabouts, bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly developments, said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s office.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a new land use plan on Wednesday for Campo Road between Rogers Road and Granada Avenue.

“Our new plan to completely revitalize the Campo Road corridor has been a community-driven
process,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “Our community ultimately chose to reduce the number of lanes of traffic and to take things in a new direction to make their community more walkable and inviting.”

Community members initially approached the county about creating this new plan in 2015, officials said. Now, eight years later, it’s becoming a reality.

Fletcher said the county, on behalf of the Casa de Oro community, will pursue grant funding to help make some of the projects possible, which he called “an example of democracy working.” This new approach, the county official explained, was created after several rounds of input from the residents in the area.

The full proposal can be found here.

“The residents of Casa de Oro want to see their community become the vibrant destination
that they know it can be,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “They want to see more bike lanes, mixed use development and inviting family-friendly spaces. These changes to the local landscape will increase walkability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and this plan delivers those amenities.”

A project start date has not yet been announced.