Peaceful protest held in 4S Ranch

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SAN DIEGO – Protestors filled every corner of the intersection at Camino Del Sur And Rancho Bernardo Road Tuesday afternoon in 4S Ranch for a peaceful demonstration that lasted about four hours.

“I feel like we just want equality all over the place,” said Justin Wells, who lives nearby in Rancho Bernardo.

The honks, chants and cheers were constant as peaceful protestors made their presence known while law enforcement stayed at a distance for the duration of the night.

Protestors say the event spread naturally by word of mouth. Some of the youngest to organize and join in were local high school freshmen like Bella Spaid.

“It feels good having other people trying to spread your message,” Bella said.
“It feels good having other supporters out there.”

Earlier in the day, nearby businesses could be seen taking precautions in anticipation of the protest. A medical center in 4S Ranch boarded up their business and in the neighboring area of Del Sur, the Sprouts grocery store closed at 3 p.m. while Target shoppers were told the store would be closing at 4 p.m.

San Diego police and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department were stationed throughout the area but never had to intervene with the protestors.

Keeping this event peaceful was a priority for those who attended, with people like Wells opting for 4S Ranch instead of downtown San Diego.

“I figured that I’d rather join one that’s in my community first before I go back downtown again, but it’s definitely important that it’s happening in the community that you live in.”

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