Paying with a Post-it: Restaurant finds unique way to help those in need


SAN DIEGO — During a time when many businesses are just trying to survive, a Poway restaurant found a unique way to pay it forward.

At Players Sports Grill, anyone in need of a holiday meal can pay with a Post-it Note.

“These are actual meals that you would order off the menu. Full servings, all the same stuff,” owner Michael Pasulka said.

The restaurant stuck the heart-shaped pieces of paper with a variety of menu items on a table inside the store. People can grab one and place an order, no questions asked and no judgement — just the desire to help. Pasulka said the idea came from a news article from overseas.

“It was from the UK, about a café where people were buying coffee for someone by taking a Post-it Note off the wall,” Pasulka said. “Prior to the shutdown, we did pizza kits for people in need, and I figured heart-shaped Post-its with meals on there would be a great idea.”

Pasulka said times are tough, and even though his restaurant could use the extra help, he still wanted to find a way to help others.

“Even for to-go orders, I already have a cook here. Many times that’s 30 to 40% of the cost, plus just a little bit of food cost and I get to help somebody out,” he said, adding that he hopes someday, that person will help somebody else out.

Players Sports Grill started by funding 500 free meals and told customers they were welcome to pitch in to keep the gracious act going. Each donated meal is $4.

“So $40 will get 10 meals for somebody. My hope is this will continue long past here. I think we could easily help people out in the future and never run out of meals,” Pasulka said.

The restaurant said customers have already donated 50 meals. Players Sports Grill is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The restaurant will be closed on Christmas but they’ll be open on Christmas Eve.

Pasulka said he wants anyone to feel comfortable enough to come by and enjoy a free meal when in need.

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