POWAY, Calif. — A group of parents are trying to ban two books from the Poway Unified School District’s high school libraries.

The books, “Fun Home” and “Gender Queer,” discuss LGBTQ issues, and the parents say they are inappropriate.

“The depiction of those sexual acts in animated content and in literature is also pornography,” one parent said at a meeting Thursday, directing her attention at the Poway Unified School District Board of Education.

Librarians pushed back, saying every reader should be able to see themselves in the titles at their schools.

“I decided to add the book to the library after starred reviews from professional journals I trust. It is an award-winning book and is on several best book lists,” said Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie, a librarian at Westview High School.

The parents pushing against the books say they were alerted to the two books by a national organization that is pushing against books they deem inappropriate for students.

“We have a list of 100 books and over 60 of them are in our schools so far,” one parent told FOX 5.

Students from Mt. Carmel say the books weren’t even known until parents started protesting them. They watched parents hold up blown-up graphics of the books and listened to their arguments.

“The adults bringing in the graphics and showing them up — they’re arguing to get it out of high schools, but there are literally 20 high schoolers sitting in the room and they’re shoving it in our face,” said Charlie Hicok, a senior at Mt. Carmel High.

Other students don’t fully buy the whole controversy.

“On social media you can open one app and you can see millions of different things rather than just one section of a library … I think they’re just looking for an argument,” said Kirsten Newkirk, Mt. Carmel High’s senior class president. 

The books have been taken off the shelves for review, but the future of these books at the school district is still unclear.