ESCONDIDO, CALIF. – The man being called a hero for breaking up the shooting in Colorado relayed the violent night to his parents in Escondido.

“He kicked the rifle and told other people to get that rifle out of here, and at the same time he was doing that he picked up the guy’s handgun. I don’t know if it dropped or he took it from the holster, I don’t know all that, but he got the gun and he started hitting him in the face with it. This man was much larger than him, and my son is large,” said Richard Fierro Sr., the father of Rich Fierro who is a former US Army Major.

Fierro’s parents have been devastated by the loss of their granddaughter’s longtime boyfriend.

“He said I could have killed him and I would have killed him,” said Richard Fierro Sr. “But after subduing the gunman, Rich turned his attention to victims of the shooting, doing all he could to stop the bleeding.”

The Fierro family had been at the Club Q to support a friend who was putting on a drag show.

“People bleed the same. We are all the same. We are not any different. Yes, we have different cultures different beliefs, but that’s America and that’s what my son fought for and my husband — to give us liberty,” said Frances Fierro, Rich’s mother.  

Rich’s mother and father had been planning on heading to Texas to visit family. Now, the Fierro’s are heading to Colorado Springs to support their son granddaughter and the Colorado community.