DEL MAR, Calif. — A panga boat washed ashore in Del Mar, where Customs and Border Protection on Thursday morning found six life jackets on board.

Cell phone video shows scattered life jackets, bottles and snacks on the panga washed ashore near 19th Street and Coast Boulevard.

“Looks like it fit around 30 people and there was life jackets in there and water bottles. It looked like it maybe possibly came from Mexico, because all the wrappers and coke bottles was in Spanish,” tourist Angillesa Adams said.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Del Mar lifeguards assisted Customs and Border Protection in response.

The panga appeared to be a 150 four-stroke outboard engine Yamaha. 

“It was a crazy scene. It was like ‘Woah, what happened, is everyone ok?’” Adams said.

According to CBP, five fuel cans and multiple life jackets were left behind.

“The major concern of most people is: is it drugs they’re smuggling in? Because you hear so many stories of fentanyl overdoses,” resident Tony Verano said.

Pangas routinely wash ashore along the coast as a panga was discovered in Encinitas last July. Two were recently discovered in Ocean Beach in April and August this year alone.

Authorities says panga smugglers often go out under the cover of fog during calm sea conditions.

“Today, there have been a lot of police cars running up and down the streets and a lot parked at different intersections, but frankly, I’ve been here all day and I’ve been driving around the city all day and I haven’t seen any migrants, so if there were, they probably disappeared pretty quickly,” Verano said.

CBP says its Air and Marine Operations has possession of the boat, but no migrants were found.