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SAN DIEGO — Restaurants in Pacific Beach are expanding their outdoor seating but some families say it comes at a cost.

A viewer emailed the FOX 5 newsroom Thursday saying “No parking” signs had been placed in some parking spots along Pacific Beach.

FOX 5 learned the Waterbar and PB Shore Club pushed dining to the streets in front of their restaurants, taking up about 20 regular parking spaces and four handicap spots in the process.

“Now we are going to be able to seat more people, and feed more people,” said Doug Sondomowicz, managing partner at PB Shore Club.

He said at one point, PB Shore Club had to let go of most of its employees because of restrictions on indoor dining.

“That took away probably 75% of our seating,” said Sondomowicz.

He said the new outdoor seating area will allow them to add about 20 tables and hire back most of their staff.

Most families FOX 5 talked to Friday sympathized with restaurants.

“I feel it’s worth it,” said Bryce Willian, who had to walk a few blocks to the beach now that parking is limited.