TIERRASANTA, Calif. — A father and daughter are grateful to officers today after being rescued from a violent home intrusion in Tierrasanta.

Police were involved in a standoff with the suspect in a neighborhood on Viachi drive.

Officers pulled off a daring rescue Friday night in a quiet Tierrasanta neighborhood.

“I was really surprised because this is a pretty quiet area,” says neighbor Diana Packett. “It’s really scary.”

Officers say they were called out for reports of a suspect attempting to break into several homes in the area. Police then got a call from a woman and her elderly father reporting that their home had been broken into and that they had locked themselves into a bathroom.

“That male broke down that door, entered that room, and in there threatened them. There was an assault and a firearm was produced. The male had a gun and fired a round in the room,” says Captain Rich Freedman with the San Diego Police Department.

Police say the suspect sexually battered the woman inside before an officer was able to climb through the roof of a neighbor’s home and fire at the suspect.

The officer missed, but police say the exchange led to the suspect giving himself up. Police say the officer who fired his service weapon has worked for the department for 8 years.

“He’s a hero, essentially, and brave,” says neighbor Packett.

Police took the suspect into custody and later identified the man as 40-year-old Demetrius Trussell. The 40-year-old was booked into jail for several charges, including a parole hold, later that evening.

“Someone who has some trouble, some problems, real serious ones,” says Packett, describing the accused.

Police did not state what prompted the officer to open fire and are they say they are reviewing body cam footage and interviewing the officer involved.