OCEANSIDE – Residents in Oceanside are pushing back against a potential plan to build a 566,905-square-foot warehouse near the Oceanside Municipal Airport. They say the building would bring more traffic and noise pollution to their area.

Gene O’Neal is an Oceanside resident who lives in a neighborhood known as Wanis View Estates, just 1,500 feet away from a 31-acre site that could be a new distribution and warehouse facility on Eddie Jones Way and Benet Road.

The project, known as the Eddie Jones Warehouse, Manufacturing and Distributing Facility, is slated within two miles of Highway 76 and Interstate 5, the Oceanside Municipal Airport, the San Luis Rey River and Mission Middle School.

Some residents claim the project will congest the only access to their neighborhood. According to O’Neal, both entering and exiting will be limited to both Benet Road and Foussat Road.

“The whole community I live off, north of San Luis Rey River, is only accessible by two roads, in and out of that area,” O’Neal said.

According to a preparation notice sent out by the City of Oceanside’s Office of Planning and Research, the 566,905-square-foot facility will also include 114 semi-truck terminals and 60 truck parking stalls.

“Trucks and vans and personal vehicles for people going in and out of those intersections, Benet and 76 is estimated to have an additional 1,800 trips in and out of that single intersection a day,” said Carol McConnell, who is also a Wanis View Estates resident.

McConnell told FOX 5 this project will not only impact her community, but thousands of others in adjacent cities to Oceanside.

“This is Oceanside, Vista, Fallbrook, all of the communities, all of the homes up that river valley will be impacted by this project,” McConnell said.

Here are more concerns some residents allege:

  • Major traffic congestion on connecting arterials including westbound and eastbound Highway 76 as well as northbound and southbound Interstate 5.
  • Hazardous air quality
  • Emergency safety hazard for residents during fire or emergency evacuation
  • Incompatibility with airport neighborhood
  • A decline in home value

Rob Dmohowski is the Oceanside Principal Planner behind this project which is in the early stages of development. According to the city, the status of this developmental plan is currently under review.