OCEANSIDE, Calif. — North County’s fast-growing tourist town, Oceanside, is looking to attract more visitors by securing the downtown streets.

City leaders are seeking to improve safety and boost the quality of life for residents by putting extra boots on the ground.

In a deal with Mainstreet Oceanside, the city council officially allocated $1.3 million for a contract that employs trained security guards to patrol the area 24/7. These guards are even given the green-light to make citizen’s arrest and detain people until police officers arrive on scene.

“One of the unique parts of this unique security services is that they’re not just observing, they’re actually hands-on,” said Gumaro Escarcega, Chief Operations Officer at Mainstreet Oceanside. 

Other areas that are set to be patrolled include neighborhoods along the beachfront and Civic Center.

This initiative is a year-long pilot program meant to improve Oceanside’s public safety.