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SAN DIEGO — Customers across the county are experiencing sticker shock at their San Diego Gas & Electric bills this winter.

One customer told FOX 5 their January SDG&E bill jumped to $700 from the normal $200 a month.

“It’s three times the amount of our normal bill,” Trina Taer said.

Another customer, Brad Sund, says the charges are hurting people in their pocket books.

“It’s hitting them on their insurance bills; It’s hitting them in utilities; It’s hitting them on food and everything else that we buy; It’s across the board,” Sund said.

SDG&E representatives say the increase is due to a natural gas shortage across the globe. A spokesperson says the prices of gas per therm was $1.91 back in January 2021, but now has risen to $2.38 per therm.
That is a 25% increase in cost that is being passed on to the consumer.

“As far as gas is concerned, I get it,” Sund said. “That’s really not where my complaint is. It’s more on the electrical use.”

SDG&E also says the past two months have been some of the coldest, and that customers are consuming more gas and electricity to warm their homes.

However, Sund says SDG&E should be more transparent with its customers and its bills.

“They need to be transparent enough to let consumers know every single time that rates go up, here’s what’s happened and here’s why we’re doing it, versus you just kind of wonder, ‘Oh my gosh, my bill is increasing, what the hell is going on here?’” Sund said.

SDG&E says customers can also apply for financial assistance programs to get 30% or more off their energy bill.