DEL MAR, Calif. – Del Mar residents were able to learn more about SANDAG’s plan to move the train away from the bluffs, which includes a proposed underground tunnel.

SANDAG hosted its first community workshop in Del Mar Wednesday evening diving into plans, renderings and studies for how to get the train off the bluffs by 2035.

“It’s a very, very troublesome issue for Del Mar residents,” Lynn Gaylord said.

Residents have consistently said they’re well aware the train must move off the vulnerable bluffs, but a tunnel potentially underneath their homes or businesses is causing great concern.

“Best avenue for me I think it’s to get up on the public freeway where it’s not disturbing residents, not destroying hillside, homes,” Gaylord said.

“Come up with a solution that is not the least worst, but hopefully the best for the region,” Sudeepto Roy said.

Though SANDAG’s report presents five potential alignments, two have been studied most including the areas of Camino Del Mar and Crest Canyon.

“Most likely, there will be a tunnel. Exactly where that tunnel is, where a train would enter, where it would come out of the tunnel, that is what is yet to be decided,” said Deputy CEO for SANDAG Coleen Clementson.

Former Mayor of Del Mar and current councilmember Terri Gaasterland is joining other community members in proposing a completely new idea.

Gaasterland showed FOX 5 a rendering and explained how the route would work saying, “we have the train coming down from Solana Beach, and then curving down along the fairgrounds on the west side, and then across the parking lot to the I-5.”

While the idea was well received among many residents, it does involve running under part of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. A spokesperson for the fairgrounds tells FOX 5 they would have further questions about the concept.

“Very curious how this would be proposed to work, how it would impact the events, and the property,” Tristan Hallman said.

The next workshop will be held at Del Mar City Hall on Oct. 4 from 6-7:30 p.m. and it will focus on tunneling.