OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A fire inside a commercial building in North County prompted a response from the Oceanside Fire Department Wednesday.

According to fire officials, a fire alarm at a large warehouse on the 2600 block of Vista Pacific Drive detected smoke at 12:52 p.m.

It was discovered to have been triggered by a large quantity of matches being stored inside the warehouse, OFD explained. The matches were reportedly being stored inside 15 large trash bags and 100 55-gallon drums.

The burning of the matches filled the building with toxic smoke and set off the fire sprinkler system, said fire officials. While the sprinkler system kept the fire in check, fire department units made access inside the structure to completely extinguish the burning materials.

OFD says ladder truck was also sent to the roof to perform “vertical ventilation” in order to release the smoke. Removing the smoke enabled a better environment for interior crews to search for victims.

No victims were found inside of the structure and no civilians on scene were injured. One firefighter was reported to have suffered minor injuries during the response.

While it is known that the fire originated with the matches, OFD is still investigating just how the ignition occurred.

The department made the following statement on the incident:

“The combination of early detection by the alarm system, effectiveness of the fire sprinkler system, and the suppression efforts of firefighters allowed the building to be saved.

Fire alarms continue to save lives and all who hear one should immediately evacuate, even if evidence of fire is not immediately apparent. Buildings can hide smoke and fire until evacuation routes are cut off, but early evacuation with the alarm can help ensure a safe exit.”