OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The Oceanside City Council will vote on a plastic pollution reduction ordinance Wednesday.

Those in support believe this is the route Oceanside should take to protect the ocean, the beaches, and surrounding communities.

Public comment will be allowed during the meeting.

The Surfrider Foundation and other environmental advocates will present information to the council about the harmful affects these products have on the coast.

Single-use plastic bags are still used at retail stores and restaurants because they are not covered under state bag laws.

Voting ‘yes’ on Wednesday’s ordinance would eventually ban all single-use plastic bags at all businesses in Oceanside.

FOX 5 spoke TO surfers who say they constantly see different types of pollutants in the the water. However, one surfer says he has mixed feelings about banning bags at all businesses.

 “I don’t know about a ban, honestly. Encouraging people to use reusable bags is the way to go, honestly. But yeah, I think honestly, there is sometimes a place for single use bags,” said surfer Ted Drury. “I’ll see trash, plastic bottles sometimes, oil slicks — some kind of oil floating on the water. That’s pretty common. Cigarette butts, sometimes Styrofoam products usually floating.”

Polystyrene foam, according to the Surfrider Foundation, is the No. 2 most commonly found item during beach cleanups in San Diego County.

Neighboring cities like Carlsbad, San Marcos and Vista have already addressed polystyrene foam products through an ordinance.

Oceanside is North County’s largest city. It currently has no restrictions.