ENCINITAS, Calif. — The City of Encinitas has reached an agreement with the City of Vista to create a 48-bed homeless shelter outside of both of their city boundaries.

The apartment complex selected for the homeless shelter is located in an area known as Buena Vista Creek, which is sandwiched between Vista and San Marcos in the unincorporated area of San Diego County.

“We are dedicated to doing everything we can to reduce the impact of homelessness on our community,” said Tony Kranz, the Mayor of Encinitas.

Both cities are planning on using recently acquired grant money to combat the homelessness problems in their respective communities.

Cities are learning without providing shelter beds to people sleeping on a sidewalk, there’s no legal way to enforce anticamping ordinances.

Vista is expected to receive 36 beds and Encinitas will receive 12 beds, both paying their share of the rent on a per bed ratio.

“It will provide the opportunity to use the county services that are available with mental health issues, with substance issues, and there are a lot of wrap around services that are a part of it,” said Mayor Kranz.

The plan has been approved by the Encinitas City Council, but still has a few administrative hurdles in Vista.

The application to finish the project will need to be completed by Nov. 3.