OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Police in North County rescued children and arrested a domestic violence suspect following a standoff in Oceanside Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

The incident began around 10:45 a.m. when officers from the Oceanside Police Department responded to reports of a domestic violence disturbance in the 100 block of Ely Street, according to a press release from the Oceanside Police Department. After arriving on the scene, police officers were told that there were several residents, including children, inside of a home with a man who was armed with a knife.

At one point after officers arrived, the suspect, now identified as 32-year-old Rosendo Ceballos, exited the home and walked toward law enforcement with a knife in his hand. Officers attempted to detain the man but he ran back in the direction of the home’s entrance.

Bean bag rounds were deployed and the man ran into the home’s garage, which did not have a connecting door into the residence. At this time, officers ran into the home to evacuate those inside and take them to safety.

Ceballos began stabbing the garage door and made threats to shoot officers, officials stated. As officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, the suspect armed himself with a butane torch and attempted to light the house on fire. At that time, a K9 officer was deployed.

Before the K9 officer reached Ceballos, the suspect surrendered, authorities said.

Ceballos was taken into custody by officers to be booked for multiple charges including suspicion of domestic violence offenses, resisting arrest, and making criminal threats.

The matter remains under investigation by police.