OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Three sinkholes around the county are keeping crews busy with repairs. Crews are working to repair sinkholes in Encinitas off Lake Drive in Cardiff, SR-78 in Oceanside and off Sky Haven Lane in Oceanside.

The Oceanside sinkhole caused evacuations on the road behind, which happens to be in Vista.

“So far we are trying to stay positive,” said Brenda Stebbings, an evacuee in Green Valley Mobile Home Park off Sunset Drive in Vista.

Behind a row of homes towards the back of the neighborhood, a sinkhole formed on a hill off Sky Haven Lane. The sinkhole forced evacuations in the Green Valley Mobile Home Park.

“We were given about maybe ten minutes to grab what we could and come out,” Stebbings said.

The ground slid pushing through a retainer wall at the bottom, so strong it knocked some homes off their support stands.

The slide even buckled the end of Denise Dougi’s driveway.

“It has trapped my car. I need help, please somebody free my car,” Dougi said. “I really just need my car, or a car, I just need to be mobile.”

Dougi woke up to hear running water in her home.

“I called somewhere around 8 a.m., I called 911, things progressed from there,” Dougi explained.

Dougi says she had to call off work for the next two weeks because “I don’t know what is going on, I can’t get back into my home.”

American Red Cross showed up at Green Valley Mobile Home Park to assist with finding shelter, food and resources for residents.

“So basically it’s just watch and wait,” Maclean said.

FOX 5 asked the City of Vista Fire Department if sinkholes have anything to do with the rain.

“We still don’t know, and that’s the problem. Oceanside Public works is still trying to figure out what caused the sinkhole up here, to figure if it’s rain-related, water-related, sewer-related. They are still trying to investigate that,” deputy chief Craig Usher said.

American Red Cross has opened a shelter at 836 Lake in Vista. Oceanside and Vista officials are working to address the sinkhole, including both public works departments, water districts and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Public Works from Oceanside will be the lead on what caused the collapse.