SAN DIEGO — A sinkhole in North County has expanded due to overnight rainfall, the City of Encinitas said Saturday.

Located at on Lake Drive in Cardiff, the sinkhole was reported to have grown in size after bouts of rain and wind returned to San Diego County Friday night. The city said rainfall levels in the area reached 1.3 inches.

Officials say crews relocated all of the utilities, including gas, electric, water and cable. Once all the utilities had been relocated, work began on designing and installing shoring to stabilize the sinkhole and provide a safe area for workers.

According to the city, crews are working through the weekend to continue installing shoring and to stabilize the bottom of the sinkhole to prevent additional erosion.

Looking ahead, crews will reconstruct the embankment and reconstruct the drainage pipe, stormwater detention basin, roadway and sidewalk before reopening the area, officials said,

Now that the sinkhole has expanded in size, the city says work can be expected throughout the month and into April.