North County gym stays open, moves outdoors


SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Not much is going on with the 8,500 square feet of gym space at Double Barrel Fitness in San Marcos.

But it’s a different story outside – where members are now working out.

Last month, gyms and other businesses had to close down, again – orders from Governor Newsom because of the pandemic.

Double Barrel coach and manager Amy Nguyen says they took action right away to move outdoors.

“We were going to wait for San Diego County to say something, then right into it transitioning — went to San Marcos City Hall, got the permitting — made it a fast transition,” Nguyen said.

Right now, the gym is offering scheduled classes and some personal training. All of it has been set up to help keep members safe.

“Keeping them spaced out. Everyone has their own caddie, sanitizing spray, a clean towel — for every single class,” said Nguyen.

She says business hasn’t slowed down. Membership is up.

“You can still keep working out at home, but it’s a completely different environment when you can come and be around people,” new member Abigail Nappier Cherup said. “Even if you’re six feet or more apart.”

Many gyms in the county are now completely closed while some have stayed open in violation of public health orders.

Nguyen says her gym is sticking to a plan.

“Regardless of what other gyms try to do, I wish the best for them. For us, we’re going to follow rules set for us, follow whatever guidelines. We also want to go above and beyond for members and do the best we possibly can,” said Nguyen.

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