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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A Chula Vista family of five now has a place to call home.

Nonprofits Humble Design and the American Society of Interior Designers transformed a three-story unit into a cozy home for a single mom and her four boys who are emerging from homelessness.

The family got connected to the program through a case manager at Family Centers of San Diego, then they met with a team of designers and picked out donated furniture from Humble Designs warehouse.

The designers and a team of volunteers then come into the home and spent the day moving, unpacking, hanging artwork and rearranging furniture to give the family a functional and stylish home. 

(Humble Design San Diego)

The nonprofit team works with families, veterans and individuals emerging from homeless over the course of three days to design their new homes. 

“We are really grateful to have the opportunity to give someone else beauty and dignity and security,” said Laura Lavoie, city director for Humble Design San Diego. “Someone who absolutely has worked so hard for it and deserves every ounce of love and support from the community, so every single time we do this, it’s a gift to us as it is to the family we are serving.”

This is Humble Design’s 226th in the San Diego area. To date the organization has refurbished more than 2,500 homes across five cities.

The nonprofit is always looking for new or like new furniture– specifically couches, coffee tables and dining tables and bed frames.

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