SAN DIEGO – Veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart also known as the “The Street Vet” has taken the lead in helping a homeless veteran.

The first time Dr. Stewart met “Richard” was back in August. Richard is a veteran living in Ocean Beach, with his dogs.

According to Dr. Stewart, Richard has been working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to find housing while living in a barely functioning car.

His dog is his constant companion, and she has been receiving free care from Dr. Stewart through his nonprofit “Project Street Vet.”

Even though they are experiencing hard times, Dr. Stewart said Richard demonstrated what it meant to be a loving pet parent. Since that encounter, “The Street Vet” continued a relationship with Richard to try and assist him and his pets’ future care.

An Instagram post when they met generated 25,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments as well as an outpouring of those who wanted to support the unhoused veteran.

On Monday morning, Dr. Stewart and Dareh Zadoorian, CEO of Los Angeles-based company HolistaPet, gave Richard the keys to a 2016 pre-owned Toyota Sienna where he and his dog, “Princess Leia,” can temporarily live and stay warm at night.

Dr. Kwane and the company are also launching a GoFundMe campaign, “HolistaPet & Dr. Kwane Change A Life” to raise money to secure housing in San Diego for Richard and “Princess Leia.”

A home with a backyard so “Princess Leia” and Richard can finally have a place to call home.