‘No longer in the realm of conspiracy’: Filmmaker talks UFOs recorded off San Diego coast


SAN DIEGO – Recent videos showing unidentified flying objects soaring off the coast of San Diego may be just a warm-up for the public as the government prepares to release a UFO report in June.

Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on Friday, May 28, 2021 discusses recent UFO events off the coast of San Diego.

Included in the stimulus packaged signed last December by President Trump was a provision for the government to provide a public report on unidentified aerial phenomena within six months.

“This is no longer in the realm of conspiracy,” investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell said. “This is no longer in the realm of ridicule. If you are unaware that our government has absolutely confirmed the UFO presence on planet earth, then you just haven’t been paying attention.”

Corbell was responsible for obtaining and releasing a series of videos recorded by the military off the coast of San Diego.

The first shows unidentified flying objects appear near U.S. Navy war ships.

“It’s green footage because it’s night vision from the USS Russell,” he said. “They look like triangles. However, in the intelligence reports they are referred to as pyramids. They don’t have any control surfaces, no wings, no rotors, no plumes, no exhaust.”

The second, captured from the USS Omaha, shows a spherical object hovering and then seemingly disappearing into the water.

“I am aware a submarine was sent to search for wreckage or the vehicle and found nothing,” he said.

The third piece of video, Corbell released Thursday, shows Navy war ships being swarmed by the unidentified aerial phenomena.

“This is the first time we have radar, sensor data that confirms that just that black-and-white video where it appears to go into the water — that’s from the same event series,” he said.

All three videos are from July 2019 and all have been confirmed by the Pentagon.

Americans are inching closer to more possible disclosures from the government come June, but Corbell says for now there’s no way to tell what officials will reveal.

“It’s an exciting time in American history and global history where I feel we are going to learn more about this UFO topic,” he said. “I don’t have the highest expectations that absolute UFO transparency is coming to fruition this coming June, but it’s a step in the right direction.”

Corbell is asking anyone else aware of these types of events to reach out to him at Editor@ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com. He says he’s obtained these videos over several years of making connections and from various sources.

As of now, no specific date in June has been named for the report from the government.

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