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EL CAJON, Calif. – A mother of nine is dead after police say her husband shot her in their home early Monday morning.

Inside the home during the incident were the couple’s nine children, ranging in ages between 2 to 17.  

El Cajon Police Department arrested 45-year-old Abdulhannan Abdurazaq Al Wari.

“It came as a complete shock, she was always a bubbly person and you know she has a house full of children back to back and every time we would go to drop something off, I would just look at her and wonder how she does it,” said Hajar Rochid, Founder and President of Kind of Hearts San Diego.

Rochid’s organization’s mission is to help refugees. She says she personally knew the family who are refugees from Syria and moved to the United States three years ago.

“I knew them very well and the mom actually had just reached out a couple of weeks ago to request the next level of car seat for the youngest,” Rochid said.

Right now, the nine children are with a host family which accommodates their religious and language needs – something Rochid says is hard to find.

Due to the investigation, the nine children couldn’t take any of their things and have nothing with them.

Rochid and Kind Hearts San Diego is helping them provide them, snack, toys, clothes and other basic necessities.

The children are devastated about their mothers passing.

“At first they didn’t realize what was really happening, but of course, they are in shock right now to find out that their mom is not coming home,” Rochid said.

According to Rochid, family and friends say this incident was a tragic mistake.

“Close friends says this was an incident, he works as an armed security guard and he came home and was in the process of unloading his gun and that is how the incident happened,” Rochid said.

The mother has not been identified as the coroner’s office is trying to notify her family before her name is released.

Al Wari is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon and faces a first-degree murder charge.