SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is launching a pilot program that involves technological devices monitoring the health of those in custody, authorities said.

Ten devices will be used at the San Diego Central Jail, monitoring the vitals and motion of inmates who are deemed medically vulnerable, the sheriff’s department stated in a news release Thursday.

Similar to the commercial fitness devices that monitor heart rates, deputies and the jail’s medical staff will be alerted if someone experiences a medical emergency while in custody.

“Unlike commercial technology, devices used in a custodial setting must be tamper proof and designed in a manner that does not pose any security risks to the individual, staff and the facility,” the sheriff’s department said.

Battery life, the size of the device and the increased staff work needed to support the program are challenges the department faces, according to authorities.

The launch of the pilot program, which is approximately $1,000 per unit, comes as inmate deaths remain an ongoing issue in the jail system.