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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — Starting this month, Lemon Grove will be the site of a new surveillance pilot project launched in an effort to improve community policing.

The program dubbed “SafeSanDiego – Lemon Grove” involves installing San Diego County Sheriff’s Department cameras at five public parks and the busy Massachusetts and Broadway intersection.

Officials say it is a $35,000 project which, if successful, could expand into other parts of the county.

“Crime in Lemon Grove, we’re at 20-year historic lows,” San Diego County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Rand said. “But crime is always a concern in any community.”

Rand said the cameras allow deputies to view live video in Lemon Grove to gather information about emergency calls and chart plans for responding to them. But authorities won’t be actively monitoring the video feeds and the cameras can’t be used as “red-light cameras,” he said.

Along with the intersection, they will be found in Berry Street Park, Firefighters Skate Park, Promenade Park, Lemon Grove Park and Treganza Heritage Park.

“There’s a light flashing on them, a sheriff’s star,” Rand said. “We hope they’re going to act as a deterrent to keep people from committing any crimes.”