SAN DIEGO — New rules and regulations go into effect Wednesday for scooters and e-bikes in San Diego.  

Starting Aug. 1, the move comes as the city tries to balance having an eco-friendly mobility option and complaints from residents. A major change involves reducing the total number of scooters from 11,000 to 8,000 and only extending contracts to four companies instead of the permits with multiple.

“We believe that the changes — such as limiting the total number of devices in use citywide to 8,000, prohibiting riding and parking on sidewalks and shifting from a permit-based to a contractual model — will allow scooter and e-bike users to get around safely and enjoyably, while also respecting the concerns of non-users,” said Kristy Reeser, deputy director of the city’s Sustainability and Mobility Department.

Scooters will not be allowed to be parked anywhere as the city has designated several parking areas to leave and rent the devices.  

Using geofencing, the scooters will reduce their speed if they are on the sidewalk or areas scooters are not allowed.  

The city will also be monitoring that riders follow the rules by issuing citations/violations. The city says the fines/violations will be given to the company, but the rider could also end up paying by agreeing with the terms and conditions on their app.