SAN DIEGO — A 7-year-old male African lion will be the newest member of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, according to animal officials.

Bo, who is moving from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado, explored his new home at the Lion Camp habitat, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance said in a press release Wednesday. There, he will be living with three female lions—Malika, Zuri and Amira.

The African lion is listed as a vulnerable species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

“African lion populations are declining largely due to habitat loss, issues that threaten human-wildlife coexistence, poaching and wildlife trafficking (illegal wildlife trade),” the SD Zoo Wildlife Alliance said.

The wildlife alliance says scientists within its organization learn more about the needs of lions in their native habitats while they work with the animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and San Diego Zoo.

Bo can be seen at the safari park but will rotate habitats with the lionesses until all four lions are comfortable together.