New clinic brings state-of-the-art care to South Bay veterans


CHULA VISTA, Calif. – South Bay veterans no longer need to drive out of town to see a specialist for hearing or for women’s health.

A brand new facility opening next week will cater to those needs and more than a handful of others, and will be able to see nearly three times as many patients as the previous facility.

“Certainly, the previous location we had was very space-limited,” agreed Dr. Robert Smith, director of the VA Health Care System in San Diego.

The new building has expanded from two mental health consultation rooms to 11, and from 11 primary care rooms to 28. Additionally, they’ve modernized the health care experience with touch screens in the lobby and the ability to make an appointment online, all geared toward the younger generations.

“One of the things that many people are not aware of is that San Diego is the part of the country that has the largest amount of veterans receiving care that have served since the 9/11 attacks,” Dr. Smith said.

“I think it’s amazing and so modern,” said retired Navy Veteran Angela Garritson.

Garritson got a sneak peek of the building on Friday. In the past, she says she’s needed to drive to Mission Valley and La Jolla for certain appointments, but hopes the new location will be able to cut down on those trips.

The number of female veterans in the military has continued to grow over the past decade. Appropriately, the new center in Chula Vista will now have a new department dedicated to women’s health and private waiting rooms for women.

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