JAMACHA, Calif. – A freshly painted bike lane and parking spots installed on Friday in the East County neighborhood of Jamacha has residents charged with emotions and worried for their safety.

According to residents, the new bike lane along Lisbon Street has pushed parking spaces away from the curb and further into the busy road, making it difficult to get in and out of their cars.

“When you open the door, the cars are too close to you,” one resident, Araceli Rodriguez, told to FOX 5. “When we have kids or groceries, it’s really dangerous, we could get runover.”

Residents say the busy artery has been a hotspot for accidents over the years and the new bike lane as it is could make that problem worse.

“(Drivers) were already crashing into our cars, like the mirrors,” said another resident, Isabel Rodriguez, who has been living along Lisbon Street for nearly 12 years.

“Yesterday, I parked and someone was driving by and I was with my three daughters … and literally almost got hit,” she continued.

According to residents, it’s also limiting how many vehicles can park along the roadway, with some having to park blocks away and walk along the busy street late at night.

“I have neighbors that have to go all the way to the other street to be able to find a parking space,” Araceli added.

“We have no space to park … to load or unload — nothing,” Isabel continued. “We want to do a petition as a community, as a block, so we can remove it.”

FOX 5 reached out to the City of San Diego for comment on Sunday, but had not heard back prior to publication.