SAN DIEGO — The healthcare industry is starting to think outside of the box to address the nursing shortage.

Hospitals are now turning to an app for help. That app is called “Shifts,” which nurses can download directly to their phone to pick up shifts at hospitals.

Think of it like “Uber” for nurses.

Like many nurses across the country, ICU nurse Chantal Chambers was feeling burned out from the profession.

“There’s definitely a burnout,” Chambers said. “I think especially after COVID that exacerbated things a little bit.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a shortage of nearly 200,000 nurses nationwide by 2025. 

Chantal was also finding it harder to stay in healthcare. Then, she found out about the new app called “Shifts” by Aya Healthcare.

The app shows Chantal what open shifts are available at local hospitals. With one swipe, she is able to accept a hospital shift whenever and wherever she wants.

“The nurses easily see our jobs,” said Sophia Morris with Aya Healthcare. “They’re able to one click in our technology to view what they’re interested in and it helps connect our hospital systems with really qualified and high quality clinicians.”

Chantal says she now makes more money and has more freedom and flexibility as a “Gig Nurse.”

“The stress has been completely taken away as far as my work scheduling goes. You know I’m a mom of two little kids,” Chambers said. “I’m a wife. I also went back to school to be a nurse practitioner. I’m graduating this next month, so I wouldn’t have been able to do all these things had I not been working through Aya.”

Last year, Aya Healthcare says it saw 54% increase in the number of Gig shifts filled by nurses through the app.