SAN DIEGO– As National Infrastructure Week comes to an end, local transportation agencies in San Diego County are highlighting their mega projects.
The agencies also thanked local, state, and federal elected officials for giving them money to complete these projects.
These are projects that are in progress.
‘Welcome to infrastructure week, a great week,” said Jack Chu SANDAG Transportation Chair. s
Local agencies from SANDAG, The Airport Authority, CALTRANS, to the Port of San Diego.
One of the projects agencies highlighted was the $3.5B Terminal One airport expansion that plans to bring more jobs and local vendors into the new space.

“When it’s done the new terminal will provide a significantly, and I mean significantly better experience to our passengers, anyone that’s been in terminal one which is built in 1967, understands we are long overdue for an upgrade,” said Gil Cabrera, the San Diego Regional Airport Authority Chair.

Agencies also talked resilency of the rail corridor infrastructure. The “San Dieguito Double Phase” project will widen the rail tracks so the passenger train can run north to south at the same time.

The project also creates a new stop at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
The transportation agencies also explored the redirecting part of the rail corridor along the coast that has been subject to landslides and bluff collapses.

“More frequent train times means few gaps in service making travel by rail more attractive and even more convenient,” said Jewel Edson, North County Transit District Chair.
The agencies discussed projects going in the southern part of the county. One of them is the $150M dollars received in federal funding for the Otay Mesa East Entry that will improve wait times at the border.
Agencies expressed their gratitude for the partnerships that fueled the funding for the projects.
Clarissa Reyes Falcon, the California Transportation Commissioner, said, “It’s not to serve things that we use to move folks. It’s really to serve folks to get them to their jobs getting them to their family, recreation. Getting from A to B.”

The agencies point out how these projects add money back to the San Diego County economy.