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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — Lowrider cruise nights returned earlier this month to the South Bay after 30 years, but lowriders might have to hit the brakes again after city leaders asked organizers to pay thousands of dollars in fees for their events.

While city officials say the fees will help pay for police services for the lowrider events, some organizers say that’s too much.

“Lowriding in National City, it’s part of the culture. It’s part of the history and we want to bring that back,” said Jovita Arellano, a member of United Lowrider Coalition.

The United Lowrider Coalition brought cruising back to National City on May 6.

“Back in the day, I can see where those cruises did bring in a lot of criminal activity, but now, this is a family event,” Arellano said.

However, the City of National City and National City police are proposing the United Lowrider Coalition pick up an $8,000 dollar tab for each of their cruise events.

“The cruises will not be eliminated. And secondly, there aren’t any resources or requirements that are being asked of the United Lowrider Coalition that are not being asked of any other type permit holders,” National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis said.

The ULC and city leaders say they will continue to work together to see if lowriders can keep cruising.

“If we can’t come up with the money, then we can’t have a cruise,” Arellano said.

United Lowrider Coalition will hold another cruise on June 3.

Then on June 7, the city council plans to revisit their permit.