NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — Mobile homeowners in National City are scared they may become homeless as they face a major rent increases.

Advocates say the new ordinance could help keep low income tenants off the streets.

Many of the mobile homeowners are low income senior citizens. They have been urging the National City council to pass an ordinance to limit rent increases at mobile home parks.

The city council voted unanimously to introduce the ordinance.

Mobile home living may not be the most luxurious for some, but for the Kanners at Keystone Trailer Park, it’s getting unaffordable. 

“Hard to pay for the rent. Hard to pay for the utilities. The electricity. Extra phone bills,” mobile home tenant Loring Kanner said.

The San Diego Organizing Project says residents face increased rent, parking and utility bills, averaging to a 30% increase.

“I’m barely surviving,” mobile home tenant Henry Kanner III said. “I’m getting by but I have friends and neighbors that will help and friends at work that help me stretch my dollars.”

That’s why tenants are urging the National City council to approve an ordinance to cap rent increases. But mobile home park owners say the ordinance is rushed.

“It is unconstitutional,” said Clay Hage with Happy Hallow Trailer Park. “So if it is unconstitutional? Are you ready for those unintended consequences. We’re asking you to go for a delay tonight and if not please vote no on the ordinance.” 

The ordinance would prohibit rent increases of more than 3%, plus the percent change in the consumer price index, or 5%, whichever is lower.

“It is now up to you to protect us as National City residents and ensure that we have a future in the city,” mobile home tenant Cynthia Gardner said.

The City Council is expected to be voted on November 15th to adopt it into law.