NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — National City leaders will consider adopting a city ordinance to cap rent increases at mobile home parks.

This was a major victory for mobile home park residents, many of whom had to face choosing between paying for medicine or paying for rent.

The mayor of National City was moved to tears as she listened to the emotional plea of mobile home park resident Sylvia Gardner.

“I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for listening to us and for listening to our voice. Thanks to you for considering this hearing. I have some peace of mind that I will be able to pay my bills and I will be able to be ok with this rent stabilization,” mobile home park resident Sylvia Gardner said.

Tenants at Keystone Trailer Park say they were slapped with a nearly 30% rent hike they worry could push them out on the streets.

“For us to have those rents low because it’s very, very hard these times. I really appreciate all your help,” mobile home park resident Francisco Silas said. 

The new ordinance will limit rent increases at mobile home parks to 5%. But owners at previous meetings say the move will hurt landlords in the long term.

“With all the arrows that you’re shooting, you’re hitting my park too. And what’s going to happen is we’re going to have to live with our rent increase, we won’t be hurt tomorrow, not two years from now but one day, we will also reach that nexus,” said Clay Hage who runs a mobile home park.

When the ordinance passed unanimously, a round of applause echoed through the chamber. But for many like Cielo Garet-Zanella with the San Diego Organizing Project, the fight for affordable housing in San Diego will continue on.

“Really this is about having people realize that they have power. They have say in their community, in their city, and that they get to influence the laws around them,” Garet-Zaballa said.

The rent cap will take effect in January of next year and last for the next two years.