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SAN DIEGO — As the ongoing trash strike drags on in the San Diego area, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People San Diego Branch is now sounding off on the need for a speedy resolution.

Acting President Brian Bonner says the organization is “deeply concerned about the environmental and health impact the ongoing trash and recycling collection delay is having on the citizens.”

More than 250 union workers for waste-management company Republic Services last month walked off the job. Since then, residents have seen their trash pile up and many have driven to landfills, waiting in long lines to dump their trash.

“Our members have been very apologetic about the situation and what it’s cost – the problems it is creating,” said Jaime Vasquez, with Teamsters Local 542.

Workers are demanding more pay, better benefits and improved working conditions.

Last week, they rejected the latest offer from Republic Services. Vasquez says negotiations are at a standstill.

“Once the company provides an offer they can accept, they’re more than ready to go out and clean up the city as soon as they can,” Vasquez said.

Meanwhile, the NAACP is calling on San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and county officials to implement temporary measures to mitigate the strike’s impact.

“Such actions would alleviate a growing public health and environmental concern and allow for a timely resolve between the two negotiating parties,” Bonner said.