SAN DIEGO — A South Park flower shop was boarded up after it was damaged in a crash, and graffiti showed up a short time later. However, a mystery artist has painted a mural over the graffiti.

The owners of Native Poppy Flower shop say they are grateful for the artist contribution on their South Park location building, and hope to thank them one day. “They are just so beautiful, so special,” said Meg Blancato, the vice president and part owner of Native Poppy.

A surprise mural has popped up over the recently boarded up Native Poppy in South Park. The shop had to put up the boards after police confirms, in June a women tried to steal a car in North Park but eventually crashed it into Native Poppy in South Park.

The crash took out the corner of the building.

Blancato explained, “we did lose anything in that corner of the shop, that our fixtures, merchandise anything that was there.”

Fortunately, the shop was closed and no one got hurt the time of the incident. The significant damage forced them to close temporarily.

The boards on the outside of the building led to instant graffiti. The owner’s said they got concerned people would think they went out of business, and had planned to cover them up.

“And just haven’t had the bandwidth to do so. So when we saw this angel artist come in and do it, we were super grateful, super touched, and just love the mural,” Blancato said.

Days later, the artist still remains a mystery. “If anybody knows, or if this artist happens to see it, please reach out to us we want to say thank you, and send flowers,” Blancato said.

There is no timeline yet, when the shop will reopen its South Park location. The city has to declare the space structurally sound before renovations can start. In the meantime, there the shop has its Mission Valley and Solana Beach locations for people to shop.