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SAN DIEGO – Music is filling Balboa Park in honor of Ukraine.

Concertgoers enjoyed the show at Spreckles Organ Pavillon Saturday night with a live concert dedicated to helping refugees.

A massive crowd showed up and showed out to enjoy music and support a good cause Saturday night: dreamers, artists, and doers came together to take action for Ukraine.

“We have been wanting to do something and it’s really hard to know what to do,” concertgoer Leslie Johnson Leech said. “We’re far away from it every time we watch it on TV, we’re just heartsick and then we heard this is going to be happening and so we thought we would brave the crowds tonight and come out and do what we can and donate.”

The donations raised at the Spreckles Organ Society concert will be used to provide humanitarian relief for Ukraine through Operation USA.

“If governments see the support we citizens show with events like this or talking in the streets in Europe, the people in the governments, they’re going to donate more, they’re going to support more,” San Diego civic organist Ral Prieto Ramirez said.

The concert is called “A Music Tribute to Peace, Dignity & Democracy”.

“Music just brings the best of human beings,” Ramirez said. “It brings our emotions. It’s just communication without words. It’s heart to heart.”

Hearts touched in unison with classic rock performances by guest singers and the Organ Pavilion Rock Band -songs that say no matter how far away, these San Diegans are with Ukraine. 

“We’re praying for them,” Johnson Leech said. “We’re thinking of them. Our hearts are with them and we’re sending love.”

The Spreckels Organ Pavilion hosts weekly concerts Sundays at 2 p.m. and each concert will start with the National Anthem of Ukraine.