MTS to continue regular bus, trolley service through April 12


SAN DIEGO (CNS) — The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System will continue running normal weekday and weekend service through April 12, transit officials announced Friday.

“We want our riders to know they can depend on us right now,” said MTS CEO Paul Jablonski. “There have been a lot of changes in everyone’s lives lately. Transit service will stay the same at least through April 12 to afford our passengers needed transit in the safest environment possible.

“Trolley and bus service will continue to be monitored,” he said. “If MTS makes changes, we will be sure that everyone knows when and if service levels are going to change.”

To keep passengers and employees safe, MTS has implemented strict sanitizing procedures on all vehicles and stations.  Additionally, MTS implemented the following strategies to help with social distancing:

  • Increased the distance separating passengers from the bus operator to 6 feet. The standee line was moved 48 inches toward the rear of the bus
  • Provided every operator with hand sanitizer and gloves
  • For security personnel checking fares on trolleys, all inspections are done on station platforms instead of onboard trolleys. Visual inspection of fares is allowed
  • All MTS vehicles are cleaned daily, with additional deep cleanings using bleach to disinfect, and other solutions recommended by the CDC
  • Disinfectant is used to wipe down exposed surfaces nightly
  • Posted personal hygiene rules on vehicles
  • Posted social distancing messaging on all electronic signage and at trolley stations
  • Established handwashing stations at all trolley stops
  • Increased daily cleanings on the internal and external surfaces of trolleys and at major transit stops

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