SAN DIEGO — Trolley and bus ridership in San Diego has nearly reached pre-pandemic levels, according to the Metropolitan Transit System.  

“We think a big reason for that is obviously the higher gas prices,” said said Mark Olson, MTS Director of Marketing & Communications. “People are seeing it as a much more affordable way to get around and it is more affordable.”

San Diego hit a new record with the highest average price of gas $6.44, according to AAA.  

OPEC Plus announced plans to cut 2 million barrels per day of oil production starting in November, which economist Joe Silverman said will increase gas prices.  

“If they do manage to cut 2 million barrels per day, the price of oil will surely go up,” he said.

Silverman said even with Governor Gavin Newsom trying to get refineries to start on their Winter blend sooner, the price might not change much with oil reduction. 

“On the contrary, I think we will wind up seeing prices maybe go up a little if they manage to get a $100 a barrel – that is their price target – if they manage to get that, prices will go back up,” said Silverman.  

Olson said while gas prices continue to go up, their fare prices will remain the same.    

“A one-way ticket on our transit system is $2.50,” said Olson. “You compare that commuting from El Cajon to downtown, that is going to cost you an upward to $20 a day.”