ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A 34-year-old mother was seriously injured after her boyfriend stabbed her multiple times in their Escondido apartment last week, the Escondido Police Department said.

Escondido police said that they were called to the the victim’s apartment building, located at North Quince Street, around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1, after neighbors reported hearing loud arguing.

Officers arrived to find the woman, identified by her sister as Cassie Ortega, bleeding extensively from stab wounds inside the apartment and was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Ortega’s 42-year-old boyfriend was found walking away from the apartment and taken into custody by Escondido police on suspicion of attempted murder. Law enforcement said he was covered in blood when he was detained.

Lt. Suzanne Baeder with the Escondido police said Ortega woke up that morning to the suspect strangling her before she was stabbed.

The victim’s two children — a four-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy — lived in the apartment with her and were present for the attack. The older of the two ran to get help from the neighbors.

Ortega’s sister, Amanda, said in a GoFundMe post that she was stabbed 25 times in the attack, sustaining injuries to the back of the head, face, hands, arms, upper torso and throat.

She said Ortega is currently stable and was released from the hospital on Friday, Feb. 3. She is currently currently in a safe place with her children, Amanda said.

The GoFundMe that Amanda set up for help with Ortega’s medical, moving and living expenses has raised over $4,000 so far.