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SAN DIEGO — With Valentine’s Day coming up, many are looking to set the mood and treat that special someone to something romantic.

Restaurants are a popular choice for one-on-one time, as 66% of Valentine’s Day reservations locally are made in the week leading up to the holiday while 19% are made same-day, according to Yelp.

From Italian and Japanese to Greek and New American, San Diego is home to an array of cuisines that compliments the diversity of the beautiful city.

Yelp compiled a list of the most romantic restaurants in the area by identifying businesses with a large concentration of reviews mentioning the word “romantic,” then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “romantic.” The business review website only included restaurants that take reservations on Yelp that have availability during Valentine’s Day weekend.

Here are the restaurants they came up with:

Good luck to all those lucky lovebirds!