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SAN DIEGO – More than 100 stray pets were taken in Tuesday by the San Diego Humane Society following the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the agency reported.

While the Humane Society was not open Monday, officials say that they typically see an influx of stray animals in their shelters for days immediately following the holiday. By 5 p.m. Tuesday, they took in 109 stray pets, including 68 dogs, one puppy, three cats, 32 kittens, three rabbits, one reptile and one bird.

Last year, the agency took in some 270 animals in the three days after the Fourth of July, and only about 28% of those animals were reunited with owners, spokeswoman Nina Thompson said.

“We are struggling a little bit with space because our San Diego campus is under construction so we are being creative with space,” Thompson said. “They are transporting animals between facilities to make sure facilities have an even amount of animals to care for.”

With a fresh crop of stray animals under their care, officials are asking for the community’s help to reunite pets with their owners before bringing them to shelter by posting on social media, Nextdoor community groups or posting signs.

“I found this cute little guy right here I want to say he was running away from the fireworks because you know it’s really scary for dogs,” local resident Samuel Troupe said. “I just want him to be at home so we can be with his family if he loved again and just get back to his normal way of living.”

Troupe said he found the dog running near a busy street by an apartment complex in Morena Monday. He brought the dog inside his home and kept him company during the fireworks and then brought him to the Humane Society the following morning.

“I found a very tiny and looks like look like a stray kitten and I really didn’t want to leave him on the streets especially with all the fireworks happening so we took him home and we’re going to bring him here,” Karina Kravalis said, after finding a kitten in the Lemon Grove neighborhood. “Hopefully somebody can adopt him.”

“Dogs who are known to usually known to climb fences or jump through windows or you know, run through gate so when dogs are scared and they get stressed by fireworks from owners sometimes witness what they typically don’t ever witness otherwise sell fireworks are very scary for pets,” Thompson said. “The best thing for the animal and the owner would be if you could skip a trip to the shelter, it also be better for the animals in our care because it would limit the numbers.”

If you lost a pet during the holiday, the Humane Society’s Lost and Founds Pets page can be found by clicking or tapping here. The Humane Society’s dispatch line also can be reached by calling 619-299-7012.