SAN DIEGO — Roofing companies are busier than usual because of the storm that passed through the San Diego area.

As San Diego starts to dry out from the storm, homeowners are left assessing the damage.

For companies, like “Resilient Roofing” in Miramar, it’s been a busy two weeks.

Their Miramar warehouse is practically bare, all their supplies, tarps in particular, are in use as they deal with an onslaught of emergency calls following the recent storm that dropped several inches across the county.

“During a normal rain storm, we’ll have two or three what we call ’emergency tarp’ jobs. This week alone we had 21!” emphasized Seth Larson, the owner of “Resilient Roofing.”

Larson said his company spent most of the weekend in triage, which means they were trying to stop the water from doing any more damage as dozens of homeowners were dealing with leaking roofs.

But, Larson added the rain doesn’t actually cause the leak, but it exposes what was already there.

“The real issue is the lack of rain that we have, it sounds crazy to say right now, but San Diego can go two years without getting any rain and then all of a sudden we have a big rain and it exposes everybody’s leaks,” Larson explained.

Once a leak starts there’s really not much to be done, until the rain dries out and a professional can assess the damage.

“Oftentimes your roof could be leaking and you just don’t know it because it’s stuck up in the attic when the water makes it through all those layers inside the house that’s when you know you have a problem,” Larson said.

But before that situation can happen, there are steps people can take to try and prevent leaks in the first place. Keep in mind, on average, in San Diego, roofs last about 20 years.

“Common maintenance present prevents most problems getting up there clearing debris out of the valleys which is where the two roofs come together clearing your gutters out,” Larson said. 

“Resilient Roofing” charges about $1,000 to come out and tarp a home.

The company will credit back half of that if they do the repair work.

Roofing repairs can range from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the materials used and how large the space is.