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SAN DIEGO — A monolith appeared Tuesday in Scripps Ranch, the latest in a series of similar structures that have popped up around the world in recent weeks.

The silver structure, fixed in the ground, was spotted next to stores off Scripps Poway Parkway.

The discovery comes after two monoliths appeared in San Luis Obispo County within a matter of days of each other. Last month, a monolith appeared in Southern Utah, attracting crowds to the rural area.

“It’s crazy to think that it’s here now and overnight or in a couple days it could just be gone … I believe it was planted there and someone will come remove it and place it somewhere else,” said Brandon Brooks, who spotted the shiny structure from the street. “But all I do know is that it’s cool that it is here for right now.”

Monoliths have been popping up all over the country and across the globe in recent weeks.

It’s not known who built the structure.