CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A South Bay woman is sharing her story after someone stole her mobile business. She says someone destroyed her financially and hopes her story can raise awareness for others.

“I know it’s all material, but this is my business and it’s my heart and soul,” said business over Cindy Macaranas.

She has run her island fashion business out of her truck since 2008. It all came to a sudden stop when Macaranas recently got a call from her son that the vehicle parked on Brandywine Road and Olympic Parkway in Chula Vista was gone. 

“He didn’t find it. He said mom the truck is gone. I was really worried, then thought maybe someone towed it, but I thought not on a Sunday,” added Macaranas.

The single mother of three told FOX 5 she filed a police report but before officers started their investigation, her truck was located by a friend the following day in National City.

Thousands of dollars of merchandise she says is gone. The culprit broke fixtures and left her business at a standstill. 

“Doesn’t look like it’s too messed up, shimmered or jammed. Once I put the key in, it won’t start. They messed it up and the panel on the dashboard and they also messed up the alarm system,” said victim’s son, Thad Macaranas.

If you believe your vehicle was stolen, Chula Vista Police told FOX 5 to make sure the owner is the person that reports the crime because police face a lot of liability. 

With her shop in ruins and no arrests in this case, Macaranas hopes to somehow overcome this challenge like every other battle she’s fighting.

“I’m stage three breast cancer. I never say I’m a survivor because I got four more years left and I’m a warrior. I’m always going to be a warrior,” added Macaranas.

Macaranas says she hopes whoever is responsible will do the right thing and turn themselves in.