Update: Follow along with Friday’s coverage of the preliminary hearing here.

SAN DIEGO — Day six of the preliminary hearing for Larry Millete Friday included Maya Millete’s close friend and godmother to her son testifying about Larry’s alleged control over her social media accounts and finances.

Maya’s brother, Jaypie Tabalanza, also continued on the stand, testifying that Larry changed stories about what he was doing the day after Maya went missing.

Tabalanza said on January 9, 2021, Larry allegedly changed his stories about where he was the day before. Tabalanza said first he said he went to work, and then later he said that he had been driving around all day on January 9, 2021, feeding Lazarus French fries. He said he first suspected Larry had something to do with his sister’s disappearance on that same day because Larry changed his stories, but he did not tell his family members about his suspicion on that day.

In June of 2020 and on December 25, 2020, Tabalanza said Larry talked to him about hiring “someone” for $20,000 to “get that guy.” Tabalanza said he assumed he was referring to the man May allegedly had an affair with.

Kristeen Timmers, Maya’s former coworker, close friend and godson to Lazarus Tristan, testified that Larry had access to Maya’s social media accounts and had messaged in group chats.

Timmers said that in March 2020, she and several other girlfriends were in a group chat on social media, as they usually would, when Larry jumped into the message on Maya’s account. Timmers said Maya had told her Larry was controlling.

“It’s toxic,” Maya had messaged to Timmers. In one message, Maya said that Larry had cried and said he would kill himself. Maya called it emotional blackmail. Maya said she was concerned that if she had a custody battle, she would lose because she worked full-time and didn’t have daycare help, unlike Larry, whose parents watched the children when they would be working.

“She was a doting mom, she loved the kids, all three of them,” Timmers said.

In June 2020, Timmers received a message from Maya letting her know that she had moved out of her and Larry’s home. Maya had said she would visit the kids in the morning and at night, and then would stay at her brother and sister-in-law’s home. Maya had messaged Timmers that she was doing much better, she was able to sleep at night and was gaining weight because she could eat.

Maya also told Timmers about the incident where Larry had placed Lara’s phone in her car to track Maya. Timmers said Maya called her, while she was crying, to let her know about the incident. Timmers said she could hear Larry and the kids knocking and trying to get into the room where Maya had seemingly locked herself inside. Maya had posted a picture of a door on her social media story, and Timmers reached out to Maya via text. On August 12, 2020, Maya had told her that Larry broke the door because Maya wouldn’t open it, and there was already a patch on the door, which Timmers asked about. Maya had explained that was from a previous time when Larry allegedly broke through the door.

Timmers said in October 2020, Maya had told her she didn’t have access to her financial assets anymore, including their investments. Maya allegedly told her that Larry had taken control of investments they had for the kids, and reinvested them into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Maya also confided in Timmers and a few other girlfriends that she had found a phone underneath her bed that was playing subliminal messages. Maya’s sister-in-law testified to a similar statement.

Maya said she had been asking Larry about separating, but he would allegedly dismiss her and tell her that she isn’t herself and that he would be back later to talk to her when she was “feeling better.”

Bryan Mansfield works at NIWC Pacific as supervisor in the contracts department. He said Maya was hired at NIWC in Point Loma from SWRMC in June 21, 2020 as a contract specialist. According to Mansfield, this new position came with a downgrade in rank but a slight increase in pay.

Mansfield said when Maya started she was performing well, but her work began to suffer in November 2020. He said on December 18, 2021, he and Maya talked on the phone about issues she was having at home.

On January 7, 2021, the same day Maya was last seen, Maya texted her boss at 11:19 a.m.: “Bryan – my childcare person didn’t pan out today. I’m trying to work but taking too much time tending to my son. I’m trying to find another alternative and try to make up hours by working late later but im unsure. Will let you know if anything changes.”

“Sorry for the lag in my response, crazy week for me will explain later. Anyway, no problem thanks for letting me know, just send your plan when you’ve figured it out. No rush, tomorrow fine.” was sent at 7:14 p.m.

The following text was sent in green on January 10 at 10:07 a.m.: “Hi May, know its Sunday but everything OK? Your sister contacted me worried about……”

Mansfield said Maricris called him to see if he had heard from Maya and if she worked on Friday. He said he talked to the IT department and could not find any evidence that May worked on January 8, 2021.

Investigator Justin Bositc with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office took the witness stand around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Bositc was asked to assist in the investigation in Maya’s disappearance by conducting searches online related to Maya’s disappearance. He documented his findings in a 19-page report that showed missing person’s flyers, search efforts, posted on social media.