SAN DIEGO — Migrant encampments have been developing along remote sections of the border wall, including in the unincorporated area of Jacumba Hot Springs.

Federal agents scramble to detain those looking to surrender themselves for asylum processing.

Dozens of men from India, China, Pakistan, and Turkey say they have paid cartel members to catch a lift to the outer sections of the border wall.

Finding the last link, migrants simply walk around the edge into the U.S. and then surrender themselves to the first Border agents they find.

“We don’t have human rights,” said Yoseff, a Kurdish man fleeing from political persecution in Turkey.

There are portable bathrooms and a light system set up, but the government has not systemically provided food or water.

Volunteers say they are baffled with the lack of support from the federal government.

“Where is HSS? Where is the Red Cross? Where is FEMA? Where is the National Guard?” asked Sam Shultz, a local resident who has been providing food and water supplies to each new group that lands in the high desert. “These are the people who are set up to deal with this. I am just a guy who lives out here.”

Border Patrol agents have reported over 230,000 migrants crossing into the San Diego Sector border area in 2023 alone and hundreds more are showing up every day.