SAN DIEGO — The City Council of San Diego has now selected the permanent members of the newly-appointed police commission to oversee complaints made against San Diego Police Department officers.

Councilmembers and community members selected 25 commissioners. There were frustrations with the speed of the nominating process, but now 31 months since voters approved the new police commission, the board is starting to take shape.

“It feels really good to know that we finally have our first set of permanent commissioners. It feels great,” said Andrea St. Julian, the community leader who authored Measure B.  

The measure passed with roughly 75% of the voters approving of the new police commission. Members of the city council say the slow process was partly due to the pandemic and for the most part have been happy with the members selected.  

“I do think it’s a well-balanced board with a variety backgrounds and skills and education, so I’m excited to see the work they do,” said Marni Von Wilpert, a councilmember from the 5th District.

The next meeting will take place June 7, and staff members still need to be hired to organize the process of oversight.

“It’s going to help police officers’ community members, it’s going to help this whole city,” St. Julian said.