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MIRA MESA, Calif. — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria is meeting with Mira Mesa residents after the clumsy rollout of a new bike line.

Crews recently installed a new so-called “advisory bike lane” on Gold Coast Drive between Hemphill Drive and Royal Ann Avenue, without alerting locals of the change. The mayor on Friday said that his team missed the mark by failing to educate neighbors about the change and how to use the new lane.

Mayor Gloria, alongside city employees, knocked on doors today along the residential street to tell the residents about the reversal.

“It’s important to have bike lanes but we also need education and the right, you know, physical marking on the streets because it’s just too confusing. I know they put the signs up and I don’t think they made a difference,” says neighbor Mary Canady.

Neighbors say the new lane has been causing a lot of close calls on the road.

“Even me, I’m confused, especially when I’m backing up,” says neighbor Delia Danron. “It’s very hard for us because we’re not used to these roads.”

The San Diego Transportation Department recently admitted to installing the new lane without community input or notification.

“This particular treatment is unique in the city. It’s the first of its kind and because it’s unique, the first ever in our city. We owed it to the community to spend time with them to explain what was going to happen, how this works, and we did not do that,” says Mayor Todd Gloria. “That failure is something I regret and something we’re going to fix.”

Now, the city will restripe the street to its original lane design with bicycle sharrows.Mayor Gloria says the city will continue educating neighbors and building its biking network, especially since a dozen San Diegans died in bike accidents in 2021, alone.

“Going forward, for other locations in other parts of the city, we need to sit down. We need to have the conversation to explain it and hopefully come to agreement and support. In certain cases where that doesn’t happen at least people will be informed,” says Mayor Gloria.