SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria highlighted the largest investment in infrastructure in San Diego history Thursday.

“We know that San Diegans are tired of waiting, we have heard you and we are taking action,” Gloria said.

Gloria is proposing to invest $809 million in repairing some of the city’s crumbling infrastructure. The proposed budget focuses on improving city parks, fire stations, storm and sewer drains, streetlights, sidewalks and traffic flow. The additional $14.3 million would be used for street resurfacing, to get rid of those pesky potholes.

“All of you are mad about potholes? I know, I’ve heard,” Gloria said.  

One of the biggest projects currently in the works is “Pure Water San Diego.”

“By 2035, Pure Water San Diego will supply nearly half of our cities drinking water and reduce the amount of treated sewage that we discharge in the ocean for about 50%,” Gloria said.

The mayor along with other city leaders made the announcement in Mountain View Park in Southeast San Diego – which is in desperate need of repairs.

“That changes this year, that changes with our ready to rebuild budget,” Gloria said.

City leaders say the funds are coming from Proposition H, which was voted by San Diegans back in 2016, that required the city to invest funds in infrastructure. Funds also will be coming from state and federal budgets.

“Solve problems, keep you safe, invest in our communities and most importantly: get things done,” Gloria said.